Anida audio codec

Small! Fast! It's the audio artificial intelligence era!

Anida is an audio codec and audio compression format developed by Sevenuc Consulting. It was designed to reduce audio data size to reduce transfer time and save disk space. The Anida engine was designed as a KAM (Kilobytes Audio Machine) for deeply embedded system running on small devices and has a small footprint, it promised to compress common music files with kilobytes as opposed to megabytes.

From ICQ to AAI, the next generation of Help Desk Service System based on:
TTS (Text-to-speech system, speech synthesis) + ASR (automatic speech recognition) + AI (artificial intelligence) + Anida.
(AAI: audio artificial intelligence, the brand new abbreviation word created by Sevenuc Consulting.)

Why Anida?


  1. Very high compression, smaller than popular audio codecs. Very high compression is the strength and advantage of Anida audio codec in comparison to other audio codecs: such as SILK (used by Skype), AAC (used in MP4), Speex, 3gp AMR, Opus, X264, GSM6.10, G729, G711, G722 and normal audio format such as MP3, M4A, Ogg and WMA. According to it's extremely small data output and fast decoding speed, it can be easily applied to large number of technology and product, especially live streaming audio, live chat in game and app, music share solution, music player and video player development, TV, new multimedia design, new animation and video format design.

  2. Universal audio compression, best balanced compression rate and quality, has the ability to convert almost all legacy audio from low bitrate to very high bitrate audio format with any sample rate, most legacy audio formats on Unix, Macintosh, Windows, Linux and Other platforms, such as PSP, Xbox etc.

  3. Very suitable for remote music share, radio channels, online TV, video conferencing, in-game chat, music player, audio book, voice mail, Instant Messengers, Chat Apps (such as Jabber, ICQ, Skype, Viber, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, LINE, Kik, Slack, Telegram, etc), translation assistant, softphone (TextME, TalkCall etc) and VoIP (X-Lite, Zoiper etc).

  4. Adaptable for common protocols such as RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol), WebRTC (Web Realtime Communication), and industry standard RTP (Realtime Transport Protocol) and RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol).

  5. Small footprint, simple, and easy-to-use, designed for deeply embedded systems, written with ANSI C without extra dependencies (except the standard ANSI libc, several mathematical functions and I/O access) and can be easily ported to all platform and bind to all common programming languages.

Demonstration: → ♪ demo link.

Simple Comparison Table:

Audio Codec Comparison:
File NameWav MP3 Anida
Yesterday Once More - Carpenters42.6MB 3.9MB 482KB
Chances - Air Supply37.9MB 3.4MB 428KB
Heal the World - Michael Jackson67.9MB 6.2MB 767KB
Total:148.4 MB 13.5 MB 1.6 MB
The result made from three music files, they are counted in wav, mp3, and Anida formats.

Sample App Comparison:

Case No.Number of
MP3 Anida Saved
App 1 150 846.9 MB 42 MB 95% !
App 2 318 1777.8 MB 149 MB 92% !

Obviously, Anida based on products can save large number of storage!

Anida Cloud Solution

Anida Cloud Solution is an example music share website architecture for Anida audio codec that includes ICP (Internet Content Provider), CSP (Cloud Service Provider) and the end users. Any roles in the system can be ICP or customer or both and can get benefits from the system. For any of the three roles, the more you contribute, the more benefits you will receive. We provides system architecture design, development, and license SDK to help you to archive your business target no matter what form you want to use it.

Anida for Embedded System

Anida for Embedded System is an alternative solution for consumer electronic products to upgrade the traditional mp3 player based on the Anida audio codec.

Android client for Anida

"Yesterday Once More" is the "Chances" to "Heal the World"!
MyPlayer means personal private music player.

iOS client for Anida

"Yesterday Once More" is the "Chances" to "Heal the World"!

Personal Private Music Player

Personal Private Music Player is a specially service for peoples who want to listen their favourite musics on Android or iOS devices. We help to convert their favourite music to Anida format files and develop a specially customised music player only used for themselves privately so that they can enjoy them on mobile phone or tablets. The music source files can come from DVD, CD, Movie, Flash, Game, common audio files, Web Page and any other music materials, and internet. (in fact we also provide search service to find someone's favourite music on internet if they requested and get small fee).

Personal Private Music Player

screenshot of Anida music player on Android phone

screenshot of Anida music player on iPhone

"私人音樂播放器定製"是專門為希望在Android或iOS設備上收聽他們喜歡的音樂的人們提供的特殊服務。 我們幫助將他們喜愛的音樂轉換為Anida格式文件,並專門為他們自己開發一個定制的音樂播放器,以便他們可以在手機或平板電腦上欣賞它們。 音樂源文件可以來自DVD,CD,電影,Flash,遊戲,常見的音頻文件,如mp3,m4a,ogg,flac和大型APE文件,網頁和任何其他音樂材質,以及互聯網路,實際上我們也提供特殊的搜索服務,在互聯網上找到他們需要的音樂如果他們要求的話。

パーソナルプライベートミュージックプレーヤーは、AndroidやiOSデバイスで好きな音楽を聴きたい人向けの特別なサービスです。 お気に入りの音楽をAnida形式のファイルに変換するのに役立ちます。 私たちは、携帯電話やタブレットで楽しむことができるように、自分専用の音楽プレーヤーを特別に開発するのに役立ちます。 音楽ソースファイルは、DVD、CD、ムービー、フラッシュ、ゲーム、mp3、m4a、ogg、flac、大型APEファイル、Webページなどの一般的なオーディオファイル、インターネット。 実際には、リクエストした場合にインターネット上の音楽を検索する検索サービスも提供しています。

Anida Server

Anida Server is an universal audio format converter that can convert almost any kinds of audio files on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Unix, PSP, Xbox and other platforms to Anida audio compression format, the supported audio file formats included but not limited to:

Anida SDK

Anida audio codec, provide brand new audio solution from enterprise cloud solution to deeply embedded systems, live chat in game and app, radio channels, instant messengers (instant chat apps), softphone and VoIP, music player, and video player etc, all kinds of products that requires an extremely small and fast audio codec.

Anida SDK provides tools, headers, libraries, and code samples to help developer to easily use Anida audio codec to create apps that run on Google Android phones, Apple iOS devices and macOS (Mac OS X), and web browsers (javascript code translated by emscripten), and all kinds of embedded systems. Other platforms will be supported when requiring, such as Microsoft Windows Phone and Windows desktop, BlackBerry, Linux, Unix, and any embedded systems based on plenty of RTOS, such as μC/OS-II, mbed OS, FreeRTOS, eCos, QNX, VxWorks etc.

We provide relevant services to integrate Anida audio codec into software, hardware and website, when you want to protect music assets or save storage space. Of course, We can also help you to design and develop your products and systems. No matter what the cloud, OS, technologies and the programming languages have been or will be used.

如果您想保護您的音樂資產,或者想節約存儲空間,我們都提供相關的服務來幫助您集成Anida到您的軟件,硬件,和網站。 當然,我們也可以幫助您設計或者開發您的產品和系統。 無論已經或將要採用何種雲服務,操作系統,技術和編程語言。

音楽資産を保護したり、ストレージを節約したい場合、Anidaをソフトウェア、ハードウェア、ウェブサイトに統合するための関連サービスを提供しています。 もちろん、私たちはあなたの製品やシステムを設計し、開発するのにも役立ちます。 クラウド、OS、テクノロジ、プログラミング言語がどのようなものであっても、それらは使用されます。


Please click the following link to download the Android app on your mobile phone. The app include the music files mentioned in above comparison table.

"Yesterday Once More" is "Chances" to "Heal the World"!

Note:   You must allow the app have permission to store music data in SD card. Check the permission settings of the app indicated as below:
Settings → Apps → MyPlayer → Permissions (Storage)

If you can't see the "Storage" permission option there then you need to download the app again with another mobile web browser e.g Chrome or Firefox.

Anida music player for Android: myplayer.apk (3.9MB) (deprecated) (It's just a very simple app with single thread without any optimisation, so the decoding process might be slow depend on your device.)

SHA256 checksum:

Anida Video Format

Anida audio codec can be easily merged in FFmpeg library to support self-defined custom video file format, and these video files can be magically reduced to a more smaller size than encoded with AAC audio codec.

Web client for Anida

Ripples of Yuet music

Listen the elegant pronunciation of Cantonese, the pure nature sounds of the language, realise the charm of the true pronunciation of pure Cantonese words from the several songs of Hong Kong Cantopop musicians:
Mr. 許冠傑/Samuel Hui Koon-Kit,
Mr. 陳百強/Danny Chan Pak-keung.

Number of songsMP3 Anida
150 233.9 MB 36.4 MB
Saved 85% storage!
(This sample app uses the web version of Anida to increase the speed of decoding but it has a little more lower compression rate than native compiled C code, decreased from 93%~96% to 85%~87%.)

The offline Anida music player, download here: Anida.tar.gz (27.6MB)
SHA256 checksum:

The sample app of the javascript version of Anida decoder can be viewed online, please take a look here: → ♪ demo link.

Intellectual Property Transfer

The Anida audio codec, and its Android client, iOS client, web client and Anida server, and other relevant materials will be sold as a whole to an appropriate individual or company. Please contact us if you're interested in this wonderful audio solution.

Small! Fast!
Enjoy ultra small audio file now!