Business Chinese

Lean how to speaking pure Cantonese.

Business Chinese is a pocket language learning tool that be carefully designed as a flash cards dictionary and business core words reference audio book. You can learn how to speaking elegant Chinese language in an efficient way. The app has a build-in text to speech synthesis engine that can instantly translate word, sentence or a whole paragraph into speech and speaking with correct pure native pronunciation. A Kanji character stroke animation engine that can demonstrate how to writing each character also be built in the app.


  • Click English word will dynamically highlight the corresponding Chinese word or vice versa, each business sentence has accurate translation between Chinese and English, and the words be associated by their meanings. Master business Chinese basic vocabulary become easy.
  • Offline speech synthesis, and speaking word or sentence.
  • Include almost all of the most frequently used keywords in business scenarios through elaborately selected sentences.
  • The Yale, and Jyutping romanisation system can be smoothly switched by settings.
  • Learning kanji character and word with the build in flash cards, speech synthesis engine and stroke animation. Master the meaning, pronunciation and the writing of kanji characters become easy.


  1. The Yuet - Chinese speech synthesis engine.
  2. Fun with Cantonese idioms and proverbs.
  3. Resources for learning Cantonese.

Download the wonderful Chinese language learning app on iTunes: