Version 1.1

Beak is a small tool that can be used to lose weight of your source code, and generate obfuscated C and C++ source code by default. It was originally developed to reduce binary size of software used in embedded system but has an expected result made it became to a security tool that can hide symbol names in your software. All user defined symbols can be hidden and replaced by very short tokens results that the compiled final binary will be smaller than its normal compiling. The symbol names includes namespace, class name, function definitions etc. Beak is very small and the obfuscator itself was written with ANSI C (C89) from scratch, cross-platform, operation system and processor independent.



Convert Source Code

  1. Drag your project folder into Beak from Finder.
  2. Click the folder icon to select a target directory where the output files will be placed in it. E.g:
    Target directory: /Users/username/Desktop.
    Output directory: /Users/username/Desktop/projectname-lt (lt means lite).
  3. Select one of the programming languages from the toolbar for your source code.
  4. Click the "Start" button on the toolbar to start the conversion.
  5. When the process completed, all replaced symbols will be listed in tokens.txt under the target directory.

General features


Here, minimising the compiled size of SQLite as an example:
SQLite version: 3.20.1
Executable: 64-bit x86_64
Platform: macOS Sierra

VersionSource sizeComplied sizeNote
19.3 MB1.4 MBoriginal version, shell executable without TCL extension.
21.7 MB741 KBwith C API wrapper, without TCL extension, without FTS, rtree, rbu, icu, session.
31.6 MB651 KBoptimised version by Beak, with full functional features, C API wrapper plus compressed BLOB, and SEE (SQLite Encryption Extension) support.

Excellent software should be elegant, reliable and small. Especially, building small software is very important for deeply-embedded systems. Lovingly crafting software as elegant and small as possible is the real programmer's cultivation.

If you can't open the link above, please launch App Store and found Beak by searching.

Advanced Usage

If you need to support a new programming language, please contact us.