Cantonese Grammar and Basic Vocabulary

Lean how to speaking pure Cantonese.

A grammar handbook with true native Hong Kong tongue.
Learn the Yale romanisation of Cantonese very easy and efficient.
Grammar lessons includes almost all of the core aspects of Cantonese.


  • Cantonese ABC by Yale romanisation system. Basic knowledge of sound system, tones, vowel distinctions etc.
  • Grammar lessons for the structure of Cantonese sentences.
  • Basic vocabulary of Cantonese with 100% correct native pronunciation.
  • Essential phrases and sentences for Cantonese verbs, nouns, and the difference with English.
  • Language skills by carefully selected sentences, such as date and time, speaking numbers, ask help, phone calls etc.
  • 600+ dialogues covered almost all daily scenes. Words and sentences speaking with pure native Hong Kong tongue.
  • The most frequently used Cantonese keywords adaptably applied to any scenarios in daily life.
  • From newbie to master, suitable for everyone self-study in an efficient way.


  1. The Yuet - Chinese speech synthesis engine.
  2. Fun with Cantonese idioms and proverbs.
  3. Resources for learning Cantonese.

Download the wonderful Cantonese language learning app on iTunes,


Resources for learning Cantonese

→ Materials of book and audio.