Chinese Chess Reviewer, the powerful Chinese chess machine.

Chinese Chess Reviewer (aka CCReviewer) is a powerful chess machine. This chess engine was designed to record, playback and analysis chess moves in international competitions. CCReviewer have recorded thousands of large scale international chess games and these records can be used to learn, analyse how masters applied their strategies in real games and even has the ability to allow end user participate in and add self's moves to any game in any event at any arbitrary single move step.

What's new

1. AI Mode: human chess player versus computer mode allows people play chess with cumputer AI engine, black first by default.
2. Network P2P Remote Mode: this feature designed to help two people or more to conveniently play chess in their office, local area network, internet and any network that the two computer can be connected each other, red first by default.

This is the version of CCReviewer for Macintosh (macOS).
CCReviewer is a powerful chess analyser, move recorder and game records player. You can review game records and see the entire game process at any detailed steps. Learn how the masters playing Chinese chess in real games from 1980s. It's also an app to learn how to play Chinese Chess in an efficient way. The app has a build-in database that collected more than 40,000 games by 4000 professional players, so much master's moves that you want to deeply learning included!


If you can't open the link above, please launch App Store and found "CCReviewer2" by searching.



1,   Chinese Chess.pdf
2, Chinese Chess for Beginners.

Chinese Chess contains the ancient oriental profound philosophy and wisdom, that results it very IQ challenge and very attractive unique style maybe than any game you've been played, you can challenge it in your whole life, and it's suitable for both children and parents. For children, play more will make them smarter more.

Challenge Yourself!

There is an ancient DOS game from 1980s, Chinese Chess Master III ( 將族 III), the AI algorithm of the game is amazing powerful! The AI engine doesn't use any deep learning algorithms that almost every modern AI app used. Before AlphaGo from google versus Lee Sedol (one of the top Go game players) at March 2016, many years ago, this excellent DOS game made so many professional human chess players lost. How powerful the chess players in this game are unknown! AlphaGo run with distributed 1,920 CPUs and 280 GPU and more, but this DOS game is only 926KB running on one CPU with 64KB memory! Might this small game requires you to challenge it in your whole life! Maybe the weakest one, Mr. pig can easily beat you! Here it is!

You can challenge this dead powerful game on Android phone, iPhone, iPad, or on Macintosh, Windows and Linux, anywhere you required to play on, I'm pleasured to packing it for you on any platform. Further more, I've collected tons of wonderful DOS game/arcade game so many years, if you're interesting in play them again, please email your request.