The small utility for making karaoke videos in a comfortable way.

LittleFox is a small tool designed to help people synthesis subtitle with music and video in an efficient way. It was designed to conveniently synthesis subtitle with audio and video without traditional boring works, result video generated after only several clicks. It helps people share music or video on social websites or make slideshows with speech audio and pictures in a simple and efficient way. With the help of it, you can burn your favourite mp3 to video with lyrics sheet in several minutes, make slideshows by merging pictures with speech audio, synchronise some words to an exists video, and easily share them with a very small file size.

LittleFox is also an accurate karaoke video making tool.

Share music and video on social websites

LittleFox can produce very smaller video file than original mp3 or mp4 file so that the produced output file can be suitable to be shared on social websites, such as Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Netflix etc.

Synthesising Types

1Audio + SubtitleMP4 video
2Audio + Pictures + SubtitleMP4 video
3Video + SubtitleMP4 video
4Video + Pictures + SubtitleMP4 video

Each synthesising type can put the subtitle in the bottom of the outside margin without video area overlay. Subtitle can be split into two type of content and each type of content can have different font and colour style, and can contains two lines of text, so the maximum number of line count in the external margin area is four lines of text.

If you can't open the link above, please launch App Store and find LittleFox by searching.


How to add subtitle to music on Mac?

How to turn my favourite mp3 to video with lyrics sheet?
The lyrics sheet files can be easily generated by LyricsMaker with simple clicks, it's an efficient small tool designed to smoothly pair working with LittleFox.

Sample Video Made From MP3

How to add subtitle to video on Mac?

With the help of LittleFox, add subtitle to an exists video only requires several simple clicks.

How to slim my video files?

You can use vTool to slim a video file so that you can share them on social websites easily with a very small file size.

What's new:

1. Subtitle placed at the bottom of outside margin without video area overlay.
2. Pair a translated line with an original line and display them simultaneously. The plussed extra line must begins with "&& " three character (two & symbol and a space), e.g:

[02:18.77]And no other could give more love
&& あなたの愛は十分です

The first line is the original line and the below line is a translated line, the two lines will be simultaneously displayed in the final video, and you can set its colour by apply the option "Second Line Colour" on "Settings" to distinguish with the colour of the first line.

Note: You can also break one line of subtitle to two lines and the second line with a prefix "&& " so that the second line can be center aligned when the line of subtitle is too long.

How to fetch resolution of video files?

a. QuickTime Player → Window → Show Movie Inspector
b. You can fetch a video file info by vTool, the small GUI frontend of FFmpeg.
c. Run FFmpeg command directly on ffmpeg -i /full/path/of/xxx.mp4.

Prepare video and audio for LittleFox

1. You can use Sounler to prepare audio file for LittleFox, it can convert almost all kinds of audio file formats to WAV, such as aac, WMA, Ogg, and MP3 etc, strong recommended output WAV audio format.
2. You can use vTool to prepare video file for LittleFox, e.g. convert MPG, MKV, WMV, FLV, AVI, M4V etc to MP4, and scale them if they're too big. LittleFox required .mp4 or .mov video format by default.
3. Note: Sometime video file generated by iMovie can't be correctly recognised by LittleFox, please open it by QuickTime Player and then export it to .mov file format and use the .mov file for LittleFox.

How to modify some special area on the video screen at an accurate time?

Extract the picture that has accurate time-stamp and then apply the picture to that moment, or apply any other picture provided by yourself. With the help of such operation, you can cover a special area that you don't want it be visible or apply some attached information on that screen or replace screen picture at that moment.

How to add my logo or banner to a video file?

Please refer above "How to modify some special area on the video screen at an accurate time?"


  1. LyricsMaker, a small utility designed to make lyrics sheet for audio or video and can pair working with LittleFox seamlessly.
  2. Personal FTP Server, a small utility developed to translate files between iOS device and Mac simple and easy.
  3. Audacity, an excellent cross-platform audio editor that can help you manipulate and convert plenty of audio formats.

Video Samples

となりのトトロ (My Neighbor Totoro), 1988.

もののけ姫 (Princess Mononoke) , 1997.

"Arrietty's Song" come from the respected film 借りぐらしのアリエッティ (The Secret World of Arrietty) , 2010.

めぐる季節 come from the respected film 魔女の宅急便 (Kiki's Delivery Service) , 1989.

The above music videos come from the respected Japanese animated fantasy films and all of them directed by respected Mr. 宮崎駿 (Miyazaki Hayao), and animated by respected Studio Ghibli. All music except "Arrietty's Song" were written by respected Mr. 久石譲 (Joe Hisaishi). All of the samples were rapidly made by LyricsMaker and LittleFox in minutes, with the help of them, you can got the answer of such questions, "How to turn my favourite mp3 to video with lyrics sheet?", "How can I burn lyrics words into video?". You can make karaoke video but without the traditional subtitle editor's boring works, now.

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