ChangeLog 変更履歴

ChangeLog of Cantonese Speech Synthesis.

The changelog of Chinese speech synthesis engine, revision history listed below:

µctts v0.2.26
v0.2.26 2015.7.11(安定版)
Chinese word segmentation algorithm improvement.
NLP improvement, detect unknown words, unknown names of things, place, person or organisation etc.
improvement of algorithm to translate Mandarin words to Cantonese.
µctts v0.2.12
v0.2.12 2015.4.2
Chinese word segmentation integrated.
virtual machine integrated.
corpus perfect and NLP model re-build.
NLP model integrated.
µctts v0.1.16
v0.1.16 2014.9.3(安定版)
Jyutping romanisation supported.
accurate pronunciation of some characters in different words fixed.
missed pronunciation of some HKSCS characters appended.
tiny C database for data index and compress implemented, the size of data and binary minimised.
tiny C library of in-memory hash implemented.
obfuscator supported.
Berkeley DB removed.
µctts v0.1.12
v0.1.12 2014.7.31
tone changes rules improvement.
process modal words, handle emotion, feeling, mood etc.
missed pronunciation of some characters fixed.
algorithm for appropriate breaks, naturalness improved.
memory pool supported, garbage collection added.
Golomb-coded sets added.
change the algorithm of bloom filters.
µctts v0.1.10
v0.1.10 2014.6.24
read a file and continually produce speech.
intelligently processing the mixed text input.
Cantonese grammar analysis supported.
Mandarin speech synthesis and Pinyin generation.
Mandarin text processing and grammar analysis supported.
µctts v0.1.4
v0.1.4 2014.5.30
append argot, jargon, slang, etc.
handle variants of character pronunciation in different words.
in-memory speech output supported.
Yale romanisation text generation.
µctts v0.0.20
v0.0.20 2014.4.24
more Hong Kong words added.
recognise Chinese punctuations.
process all classic Chinese idioms.
deal with English character and words.
AI algorithm to recognise date time, price, units of measure, phone number, post code, money symbols.
volume, speed change supported.
detect variants of character pronunciation in different words.
C library of UTF-8 text processing improvement.
µctts v0.0.1
v0.0.1 2013.12.23
Cantonese speech synthesis, console app now can demostrate.
basic pronunciation dictionary of Cantonese completed.
a small C library for UTF-8 text encoding and manipulation implemented.