The designedly Finder on iOS device.

iPowerReader is a Finder-like app on iOS device, it was renamed from iCodeEditor, it is an:


Transferring files between Mac and iOS devices is always difficult and pain!
You can't feel free to transfer files as intuitive as moving files in Finder!
So, this app developed to help you manage files in your iOS devices just like on your MacBook!

The above video is very old, but demonstrate the app's features.

Fast share files between your Mac, Windows PC or Linux, Android and iOS devices

iPowerReader is a Finder-like file manager on iOS device, you can transfer, delete, rename any file or folder one by one just like in Finder that completely different with translating files with iTunes that required to sync whole folder, it's more intuitive, simple, fast and feel free.

You can download all kinds of files from your Mac or PC and read them on your iOS devices. You can also upload any kinds of files to your Mac or PC from your iPhone or iPad. Browse eBooks and PDF files, read Office documents e.g. EXCEL, WORD and PowerPoint, view pictures by slipping your finger, listening musics like in iTunes and watching movies. Of course, the app can be emphasised using as a resource explorer like Finder on Mac. iPowerReader designed to be a P2P file share solution, you can directly move files between your desktop, server, mobile phone and iOS devices remotely.


Read & Review code on iPad

iPowerReader was renamed from iCodeEditor, means that it was originally developed to edit source code on iPad, in fact, yes, it actually a full featured code editor. This function was especially designed for anyone who wants to read or edit source code on iOS device.

The editor supports Syntax Highlighting for almost all popular programming languages, including but not limited:

Verilog, System Verilog, VHDL, MATLAB (with OO features), Asm (Assembler/Assembly language), Tcl, Ada, Fortran, Forth, Cobol, SML (Standard ML), S-Lang, Vim, LaTeX, Asciidoc, Markdown, Typescript, REXX, Flex, Lisp, Clojure, R, Rust, Haxe, OCaml (Objective Caml), Scheme, Apache, Pig, Awk, shell scripts, PowerShell, DOS batch, Basic, Asp, Pascal (Delphi/Object Pascal), Eiffel, Java, Scala, Groovy, gradle, XSLT, XSD, Xquery, WSDL, Snippets, nasl, Puppet, Sedona, Protobuf, Parrot, Myrddin, Ansible, Ant, Make, Go, Erlang, Lua, ActionScript, C, C++, Smalltalk, C#, Objective-C, Swift, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, System css, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Elixir, etc.

If you want a lightweight code editor on Mac, please refer another app developed by me: Speare code editor, the free small IDE for scripting languages.

FTP Server Settings

1. On Macintosh: System Preferences → Sharing → File Sharing, check the service and got the IP address of your machine, then you can input it in the settings of iPowerReader.

Because macOS High Sierra removed the builtin FTP Server, there's an alternative solution: Personal FTP Server, use the uFTP Server, your FTP settings of iPowerReader should be changed to:, i.e. append a port number to the server IP address and sperate with a colon ":", for the example, the port number is 2121, then the appending string is ":2121", five characters.

2. On Windows:

  1. The Windows builtin FTP Server can be configured via IIS (Internet Information Services), please read this article and other articles about this subject on the website of Microsoft.
  2. Free and Open Source solution: FileZilla Server, highly commended.
  3. Cerberus FTP Server (Proprietary software).
  4. CrushFTP Server (Proprietary software).

3. On Android Mobile Phone: One of FTP Server app on Android phone.


Universal Finder-like file manager for iOS device. Fast file transfer between iOS device and Mac, Windows PC, Linux, Android phone and other platforms. You can select and apply operations (add, delete, translate file or folder, explore subfolders) on any folder and file one by one and intuitively compare folder content between iOS device and remote folder (e.g. FTP folder on MacBook).

Home panel provides entries to manage local storage on iOS device and remote files on FTP server that running on Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix, Android, Game box and others.

Browse photos on iOS device by slipping finger.

Universal document viewer for iOS device. Above screenshot indicate read Microsoft's PowerPoint presentations on iPad, you can read any other type of documents, such as WORD, EXCEL and PDF etc.

Full featured code editor for iOS device. Read, review and edit source code on iOS device.

Full featured multimedia player for iOS device. Transfer your music and movie from other platforms on your iOS devices and enjoy them later.

New    The built-in music player in the last updated version supports lyrics synchronising, playlist management, cycle loop or random playback. The player can synchronise lyrics sheet with music files, you just needs to put the lyrics sheet that has a .lrc extension together with the music file, i.e. the mp3 file and the .lrc file both must be put under the same folder and has a same file name. LyricsMaker is a small util that designed to help making lyrics sheet for music files very easy.

About Apple App Store

Note: There's "gentleman" write some "good" review words on App Store about this app to mislead people, but I believe people can judge what they said by themselves.

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Cross border, fast share files between Desktop, Server, Mobile phone and iOS device directly without boring things.