Enterprise Ticket Tracking System

Agile enterprise process management.

A flexible, web-based Ticket management system that seamlessly supporting the Agile Enterprise Process.

If your company have machine rooms, network centre, customer service, operation and maintenance, development and sales, as well as HR, administration and other different departments, how to make the collaboration efficiently between the departments at any time? How to know what happened, what is happening, who is doing what, and what things requires someone to do? and so on.

Is your business running well-organised?
Do you need a system to efficiently manage them?
The existing system made you very disappointed?
Give up the existing system is a great pity?
The best situation is, you haven't already spent money to build such a system!

Request Tracker, or RT, low-cost (free and open source), highly efficient enterprise operation and maintenance management system based on an e-mail system, is ideal system for companies used to manage internal business processes, improve business execution, especially efficient cross-department cooperations. The system uses the concept of "event", when an "event" enter into the system, responsible people in the different departments can be very clear and transparent to handle it, senior managers also can involve into the workflow "very seamlessly". The system process the company's workflows (service request, development, sales, production, etc.) very efficient, you can be very clearly in accordance with the workflows and the responsibilities of the sources, the status of processing, and the results of the event. The statistics is also very simple and efficient, just simply do a query and the answers will be show up very quickly.

Regardless of tasks passed many months or more, all details of the things will be recorded very well, query things to learn whose responsibility is crystal clear, the system make all associated users to mutual supervised, the staff who has poor execution and who is not responsible for the strictly workflow and who do their own things best and so on. Once used this system, you will regret have not used it earlier! You will regret wasted hundreds of thousands or even more to purchased or developed a quagmire-like ERP system or OA system!

The customers listed on this page are some of the companies who using the RT system, it obviously indicated the system is widely used in the world, it is proven, reliable and industry-acclaimed. It's NOT TOO LATE to know it, maybe it's the time you should consider using it?
Consider using an Enterprise Ticket Tracking System?
Aka. an Enterprise Operation and Maintenance Management System?

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Enterprise Application Development

In addition, Sevenuc Consulting also design and develop enterprise applications based on Perl and PHP programming language.

Our service leverage experience gained from the implementation of large number of PHP projects. Uniquely positioned to provide high optimized PHP cloud environment, including security infrastructure, cluster management, cache and monitoring system, our specialized team has over 7 years working with enterprise content management system, e-commerce, customer relationship management and mobile apps. We're deeply experienced in a wide range of PHP technologies and platforms, including:

Sevenuc Consulting provides enterprise PHP application consulting, search engine optimization, integrate with cloud and mobile platforms, architecture design, product engineering, application development and maintenance. The cloud computing platform includes such as Amazon EC2/S3, Windows Azure, Google App Engine (GAE) and Salesforce, Facebook etc, and the server side technologies includes J2EE (Weblogic, WebSphere, IBM MQ, Tomcat, JBoss, Resin, etc), Adobe AIR, Microsoft .Net, search engine related technologies (Lucene, Solr, Nutch, elasticsearch, Kuromoji, OpenNLP, Stanbol, Mahout, ManifoldCF, etc), architecture relevant technologies (Nginx, Apache, Oracle, MySQL, Cassandra, HBase, Redis, Hadoop, Hive, HBase, MongoDB, CouchDB, etc) and Ruby on Rails, Django and so on. The mobile platform includes iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.


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