uFTP Server
Version 1.0

uFTP Server is a very simple personal FTP Server without any user authentication, without complex and boring configuration. The mainly purpose to develop this tool software is to make it easy when translating files between Mac and other devices, because macOS High Sierra removed the built-in FTP Server. Although it is very small, but it supports all FTP commands and has a high performance.


  1. Setup FTP Home
    click the folder icon and then select a folder that you want to be used as the root directory of the FTP Sever. The usual practice is to create a directory and then drag the files that you want to be shared to FTP client, e.g. /Users/username/FTPHome. When the setup complete, this home directory will be remembered.

  2. Server Port
    When the default port 21 has been used, then you can change it to other, e.g 2121. Usually this is not necessary.

  3. User Name & Password
    There's no any user account or password required by the FTP Server.


Just click the "Start" or "Stop" button.
Note: You must select a folder as uFTP Server's root directory first and then start the server.


This is a pre-AppStore version of uFTP Server before there's a woking version on Mac AppStore. This version will be removed when Apple approved the app, but before that, please download here.

http://www.sevenuc.com/download/uFTP.dmg (695KB)
SHA256: uftp-sha256.txt

FTP Client

  1. iPowerReader for iPhone and iPad, fast share files between your Mac, Windows PC or Linux and iOS devices.

  2. GNU FTP client: you can download the precompiled GNU FTP client for macOS from here to work with the server. The link: http://www.sevenuc.com/download/gnu_ftp.tar.gz (79KB).
    SHA256: gnuftp-sha256.txt

GNU Telnet: precompiled GNU Telnet for macOS also can be download from here: http://www.sevenuc.com/download/gnu_telnet.tar.gz (67KB).
SHA256: 55dc46af5299ea9218b41dd9ed2a1aa802e9a0e89e15c4166862c0aaa618e007

This small utility is really useful when you want quickly move files between Mac and other devices.