Enterprise VPN Cloud Hosting

Fast and reliable VPN based on Cloud services.

Can't access Twitter?
Can't access YouTube?
Can't access Facebook?
Can't access so many blocked websites?
Your enterprise network requires a high secure data transmission?

So many company can't access the sites mentioned above, as well as visit some other sites also be blocked, such as the social-media sites, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, Flickr, etc, so this service born. The service use of the public cloud, such as Amazon, Rackspace, and other cloud service providers. The VPN server built on the public cloud service, and the enterprise internal network connected the VPN server to access the blocked sites through the VPN clients. The solution is reliable, fast, and low-cost, only a dozen to tens of dollars is the monthly cost for companies that have 50 to 200 employees, then you can enjoy the high-speed VPN network services.

The solution has maximum autonomy and flexibility, controlled by yourself completely, you can also entrust us to manage the server. It is also very high scalable, adding extensions is very easy according to the special needs of your business, the management of VPN server just like login to your local machine, easy and simple.

The solution can also be used to build enterprise internal private VPN network based on non-public cloud services, encrypted communication for internal security infrastructure, e.g. the various internal IT systems, enterprise financial system, management information system, and email system etc. It provides secret guarantees for the security of enterprise network communication.

System Elements

Service Benefits


  1. Request Tracker.
  2. Agile Development Management.
  3. Enterprise Instant Message System.