Version 1.1.2

The small video manipulating tool.

A small GUI frontend of FFmpeg for macOS. vTool is a small utility developed to help people deal with all kinds of video files in daily life easy and simple. With help of it, extract audio from video, scale video, crop video, merge multiple video files together, and more such common video handling tasks, can be accomplished by several clicks. vTool can handle common video files including MP4, M4V, MOV, MKV, FLV, WMV, AVI, VP8, VP9, MPEG, and GIF etc, and common audio formats such as MP2, MP3, Ogg, FLAC, AAC, Opus, Speex, AMR, GSM, Wavpack, and WAV etc.

It's free!

If you can't open the link above, please launch App Store and find vTool by searching.

Common Video Manipulating Tasks


Flexbility of vTool

vTool developed as a simple wrapper of the excellent video handling library - FFmpeg, it can handle arbitrary commands that FFmpeg supported.

Configration of FFmpeg

External libraries:
appkit                  libdav1d                libmp3lame              libsoxr                 libvorbis               libxml2
avfoundation            libfdk_aac              libmysofa               libspeex                libvpx                  libxvid
bzlib                   libfreetype             libopencore_amrnb       libtheora               libwebp                 libzimg
coreimage               libfribidi              libopencore_amrwb       libtwolame              libx264                 libzvbi
iconv                   libgsm                  libopenjpeg             libuavs3d               libx265                 securetransport
libaom                  libilbc                 libopus                 libvmaf                 libxavs                 zlib
libbluray               libmodplug              librubberband           libvo_amrwbenc          libxavs2

External libraries providing hardware acceleration:
audiotoolbox            videotoolbox

avcodec                 avformat                postproc                swscale
avfilter                avutil                  swresample


Enabled decoders:
aac                     avs                     libfdk_aac              mp1float                msmpeg4v1               wavpack
ac3                     bmp                     libgsm                  mp2                     msmpeg4v2               webp
ac3_at                  flac                    libgsm_ms               mp2_at                  msmpeg4v3               wmalossless
ac3_fixed               flv                     libilbc                 mp2float                opus                    wmapro
adpcm_g722              g723_1                  libopencore_amrnb       mp3                     pcm_s16le               wmav1
adpcm_g726              g729                    libopencore_amrwb       mp3_at                  png                     wmav2
adpcm_g726le            gif                     libopenjpeg             mp3adu                  theora                  wmavoice
adpcm_ima_qt            gsm                     libopus                 mp3adufloat             vc1                     wmv1
adpcm_ima_qt_at         h261                    libspeex                mp3float                vp3                     wmv2
adpcm_ima_wav           h263                    libuavs3d               mp3on4                  vp4                     wmv3
adpcm_ms                h263i                   libvorbis               mp3on4float             vp5                     wmv3image
adpcm_psx               h263p                   libvpx_vp8              mpc7                    vp6                     zlib
adpcm_swf               h264                    libvpx_vp9              mpc8                    vp6a
adpcm_yamaha            hevc                    libzvbi_teletext        mpeg1video              vp6f
amrnb                   jpeg2000                mjpeg                   mpeg2video              vp7
amrwb                   libaom_av1              mp1                     mpeg4                   vp8
av1                     libdav1d                mp1_at                  mpegvideo               vp9

Enabled encoders:
aac                     libfdk_aac              libspeex                libx264                 mp2                     prores_ks
bmp                     libgsm                  libtwolame              libx265                 mp2fixed                qtrle
h263                    libmp3lame              libvorbis               libxavs                 mpeg1video              vorbis
h264_videotoolbox       libopencore_amrnb       libvpx_vp8              libxvid                 mpeg4                   wavpack
jpeg2000                libopenjpeg             libvpx_vp9              ljpeg                   opus
libaom_av1              libopus                 libwebp                 mjpeg                   png

Enabled hwaccels:
h263_videotoolbox       h264_videotoolbox       hevc_videotoolbox       mpeg1_videotoolbox      mpeg2_videotoolbox      mpeg4_videotoolbox

Enabled parsers:
aac                     avs3                    gif                     jpeg2000                opus                    vp3
aac_latm                bmp                     gsm                     mjpeg                   png                     vp8
ac3                     flac                    h261                    mpeg4video              pnm                     vp9
av1                     g723_1                  h263                    mpegaudio               vc1                     webp
avs2                    g729                    h264                    mpegvideo               vorbis

Enabled demuxers:
aac                     avs2                    gif                     image_jpegls_pipe       matroska                mpegvideo
ac3                     avs3                    h261                    image_pbm_pipe          mjpeg                   mpjpeg
amr                     concat                  h263                    image_pcx_pipe          mjpeg_2000              ogg
amrnb                   flac                    h264                    image_pgm_pipe          mov                     rawvideo
amrwb                   flv                     image2                  image_pgmyuv_pipe       mp3                     swf
asf                     g722                    image2pipe              image_png_pipe          mpc                     vc1
asf_o                   g723_1                  image_bmp_pipe          image_ppm_pipe          mpc8                    wav
av1                     g726                    image_gif_pipe          image_webp_pipe         mpegps                  xwma
avi                     g726le                  image_j2k_pipe          libmodplug              mpegts                  yuv4mpegpipe
avs                     g729                    image_jpeg_pipe         m4v                     mpegtsraw

Enabled muxers:
adts                    g726                    mjpeg                   mpeg1vcd                mpegts                  smjpeg
amr                     g726le                  mov                     mpeg1video              mpjpeg                  wav
asf                     h264                    mp2                     mpeg2dvd                ogg                     webp
avi                     image2                  mp3                     mpeg2svcd               opus                    yuv4mpegpipe
g722                    image2pipe              mp4                     mpeg2video              segment
g723_1                  latm                    mpeg1system             mpeg2vob                singlejpeg

Enabled protocols:
concat                  file                    pipe

Enabled filters:
acopy                   amerge                  color                   fps                     nullsink                thumbnail
adelay                  anull                   colorkey                framepack               nullsrc                 transpose
aecho                   aresample               concat                  framerate               overlay                 trim
aemphasis               areverse                copy                    framestep               remap                   vflip
afade                   atrim                   crop                    hflip                   reverse                 volume
afifo                   channelmap              cropdetect              join                    rotate                  volumedetect
aformat                 channelsplit            crossfeed               libvmaf                 scale
alphaextract            chromakey               fifo                    loop                    split
alphamerge              chromashift             format                  null                    threshold

Enabled bsfs:
aac_adtstoasc           extract_extradata       hevc_mp4toannexb        vp9_superframe
av1_frame_merge         h264_mp4toannexb        null                    vp9_superframe_split