Speare code editor

Speare code editor is a small and friendly code editor. You can use it to edit source code files, programming and debugging. It designed to make programming feels light, simple and free. Speare code editor not only has an efficient code navigation and call routines tracing ability but also has flexibility to extend it to support special developing requirements. Speare code editor includes an ultra light debugging environment for C, C++, Ruby, mruby, Lua, Python, PHP, Perl, Tcl and AWK, and give people complete freedom to customise a debugging environment for a new programming language.


MetaLogic is a small utility developed to effectively manage programming assets, include shell snippets, code blocks, sample code files, libraries, packages, Web links and other resources. It's also a powerful utility used to classify and organise programming resource by topics, categories, functions, programming languages, key words etc. MetaLogic help people organise large amount of programming resources in a very flexible way, and has complete freedom to define all kinds of metadata fields for management of classification and organisation.


Sounler is a designedly small utility for audio file classification and organisation, a small chiptune player for all classic home computers. Sounler is a small audio player developed to play various of audio format on NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), GBA (Game Boy Advance), WII, NDS, 3DS, N64, GameCube, and PS1 (Sony PlayStation 1), PS2 (Sony PlayStation 2) and PSP (Sony PlayStation Portable), PSX, and Sega Genesis, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Dreamcast, and Microsoft XBOX, and DOS, Amiga, Spectrum and more.