Raven's Standard IQ Test

Accurate IQ test in the standard way.

Mr.IQ is an app designed for Raven's Standard IQ Test. The app uses CRT (Combined Raven’s Test) as the quiz bank, it combined CPM (Colour Progressive Matrices) and SPM (Standard Progressive Matrices) together, extended the range of age from 5-year-old child to 95 year elders, 72 questions in 40 minutes.

The app assesses various components of intelligence, including:

A: Ability to distinguish consciousness.
B: Ability to distinguish similar.
C: The comparative reasoning ability.
D: The relationship between the series.
E: Conceptual reasoning ability.
F: Learn & abstract reasoning.
(Each section contains 12 questions.)

The test result includes 7 levels:

1: Extraordinary
2: Excellent
3: Good
4: Medium
5: Under medium
6: Low
7: Mentally retarded

In each test question, the subject is asked to identify the missing element that completes a pattern of the shapes, please select one from the six or eight candidates.


The app calculate the final result based on your age and score, the entered age value will directly affect it. So, you must input a more accurate value include half a year as age to calculate the final result, such as 5.5, 6.5, 7.5 etc.

Privacy Policy

The app itself DO NOT collect any kind of user's private data.


→ Raven's Progressive Matrices on wikipedia.

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