Version 1.0

MathHelfer is an ultra lightweight word processor help you write well formatted science article in a very light and efficient way without install huge software packages such as TEX and Office Suite. As a rich text editor, MathHelfer can not only handle LaTeX math and equations but also can deal with common style and format tasks required by a normal word processor.

If you can't open the link above, please launch App Store and found MathHelfer by searching.

Office Suite Comparison

No. Software Package Size
1LibreOffice 6.3.0 700MB
2TexLive 2014 2.5GB
3MacTeX 2019 3.9GB
4Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac 897MB
5Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac 10GB

MathHelfer is only 5.1MB, but it can help you write a well formatted science article in a very light way without install the mentioned huge software packages.


About Respected Mr. Srinivasa Aiyangar Ramanujan:


  1. Generate image from LaTeX formula instantly.
  2. Insert common images into current editing document by dragging from Finder.
  3. Adjust image position by simply dragging and automatically layout the text around it, image type includes the images of math expression and the common images.
  4. Save the generated image of math expression to disk.
  5. Support insert table and hyperlink in the editing document.
  6. Builtin pagination automatically just like in Office Word.
  7. Builtin word processor features, such as title, heading, bulletin, font, paragraph style and colour.
  8. Save document as PDF file or print as paper.
  9. Open, Paste and Save rich text file format such as RTF, Office Word or HTML file.
  10. Ultra lightweight.

LaTeX Formula Operations

1. Add LaTeX Formula
     Click menu: FileShow LaTex Panel, input LaTeX math formula and then click .
     Note: On the formula panel, you can click to empty the input box.

2. Remove LaTeX Formula
     Right click on the formula image and then select the "Delete Image" menu item.

3. Save LaTeX Formula
     Right click on the formula image and then select the "Save Image" menu item.

Insert Common Images

Just dragging the image into the document from Finder and then double click the image to float it so that text can instantly layout to around it.

Positing Images

Just dragging the generated image of LaTeX math formula or common image in the document to an appropriate position and the text will automatically layout to around it.

Save File Options

1. Save as PDF
     Click menu: FilePrintSave as PDF.

2. Save as RTFD
     Click menu: FileStick Attachments first to ensure float images converted to attachments before save, and then Save as .rtfd (Rich Text Document with Attachments) file format. The .rtfd file format give you the ability to edit the document with math formula and common images later.

3. Save as HTML
     Click menu: FileSave, select "Apple HTML document" file format and then save.

File Format Supported

File format for open and save includes:

Font, Colour and Style

Format word, line and paragraph just like in TextEdit.

Usage Not Limited

MathHelfer can help you write well formatted science article but not limited that it can also help you write resume, annual report, magazine or anything you want a word processor help you.


1. LibreOffice, the excellent office suite on macOS,
2. OpenOffice, another LibreOffice alternative office suite on macOS,